Programs for Caregivers

Celebrate our Caregivers

FOR THOSE AMONG US is a video celebration of America’s hidden army of heroes: our caregivers.

Recreational Stuff for Caregivers

The Caregiving Life is an online place where caregivers can do things they may have forgotten were possible: have fun and make new friends.

Nightmare on Halloween

ACTS OF GRACE is a TV-style comedy drama about and for Alzheimer’s caregivers.

Caregiver's Encyclopedia

Everything you need to know about disease and the people who have them.
  • PVD

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  • AD

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  • What’s COPD?
    COPD isn’t actually just one thing. It’s a 2 in 1 disease! A double whammy!

  • CHF

    Congestive Heart Failure, or CHF, is a disease not only of the heart but of the whole circulatory system.

  • DM2

    29 millions Americans have diabetes. Among Americans over 65 have diabetes, 1 in 4 have it. If you’re a home health worker, a lot of these people are going to need your help.

Who we are

The people who make Century Tree grow.

Century Tree Health Education offers programs to promote adherence with treatment regimens for chronic advanced lifestyle-related diseases and Alzheimer’s dementia.

arms around him

These diseases are the product of decades of unhealthy behaviors including smoking, overeating and sedentary living. Over years of repeated insults to the body, the result is permanent physiological and anatomical damage. Treatment goals for these diseases, then, are not cure but management.

There are currently 48 million Americans suffering from those five diseases alone. One-third of them, or 16.6 million, will have diseases that progress to advanced stages. In advanced stages, these diseases cause disability characterized by homebound status or the need for daily assistance with basic activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting and medication administration.

Century Tree promotes better caregiving for people with CALADs. We offer programs for a variety of caregivers including family members, home health aides, and the patients themselves who participate in self-care.

Our programs include instructional and motivational videos, activities to promote better communication and coordination between patients and their caregivers, and caregiver appreciation initiatives.


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